Northwest Missouri Bucks & Beards Outfitters - Testimonials

Northwest Missouri Bucks & Beards Outfitters - Testimonials

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Justin Thompson

Justin Thompson

Spring 2024 - Saraland, AL

Me and a buddy of mine killed on first afternoon of our hunt. Cody has the birds and knowledge on where they are gonna be for morning and afternoon hunts. The cook here is absolutely amazing and you wont go to bed hungry i can assure you of that. This was our first year hunting here and with the large number of acres Cody has, the birds have little to no pressure which makes for a great turkey hunting experience!!

Kelsie Matlick

Kelsie Matlick

Winter 2023 - Dallas, Tx

My dad and I came last year and this year. They make this feel like a family environment. Breakfast and dinners together, you get to talk with everyone about what they saw and get to see what everyones shot as well. The food is absolutely AMAZING! I've actually gotten some of the recipes from the cook Tammy. There are plenty of bucks running around and I really hope my dad's going to come back cause I definitely want too!!

Clay Steib

Clay Steib

Fall 2023 - Vacherie, Louisiana

If you’re looking to experience midwest whitetail hunting look no further than Northwest Missouri Bucks & Beards Outfitters. I have hunted with NWMBBO for 2 seasons now and I look forward to many more. Cody and his guys will do whatever it takes to see bucks be killed. They work endlessly and hunt through you and your experience. Mrs. Tammy’s cooking is second to none and the lodging and accommodations are great. I’ve met some lifetime friends here and made some great memories. Thanks again NWMBBO!



My hunt with Cody and there team an awesome time, I did not harvest anything, my choice..had many opportunities for legal bucks. It was a great action packed hunt, with good deer daily. The food and accommadations were awesome, and no disappointments anywhere. I being a former Colorado outfitter and understand the trials and tribulations having a hunting business. These guys bust ass and have a great setup with tons of great deer country. There were many hunters in my group and everyone seemed to be well pleased with the animals seen daily.. many studs seen and harvested, see you next year Cody!

Matthew Yandell

Fall 2023 - Denver, MO

Trip #3. We had as blast as always! Where to start?? Great location for midwest whitetail hunting! Big bucks all around evident by trail cam pics and mounts on the lodge wall! Not enough go sit in a stand! Like food? Mrs Tammy is a world class cook and makes sure no one goes hungry! Food is amazing! Owner is a great guy and will do whatever he can to help with anything you need! All of the guides are great at what they do and do everything they can to get you on a buck! Not our last trip for sure!

Brandon Beaman

Brandon Beaman

Fall 2023 - Denver, Mo

I had an amazing experience at Northwest Missouri Bucks & Beards. If you are looking for a welcoming and fun deer camp environment this is the place to be. It was great to meet hunters from all over the country who came to chase some big deer. Every night we said a prayer together before dinner and hung out around the fire. The staff worked hard to make sure every hunter was set up in the best spots. I had only sat for 2 hours before I saw my first Bucks come strolling in on my first morning sit. After sitting all day I began to see buck after buck come into the field toward the evening. Finally I landed my biggest buck with a bow to date. I couldn’t believe I got it done the first day! The whole camp celebrated with me when I got back. The staff took care of the whole process and even drove my deer to the processor. Could not say enough about how grateful I am for the staff and guides for all they did to make my hunt a success.

Marty Martin

Archery-Pre Rut / Archery - Virginia

Booked my first outfitter trip ever. I didn't really know what to expect, but I was really overwhelmed by the amount of crop lands and big hardwoods that were available to hunt. Cody and his team of guides did their best to put us in locations that would generate the best opportunities, but unfortunately the weather didn't really cooperate. It was really warm most of the time so the deer movement was mainly at first and last light. I guess that's why it's called hunting and not killing. We had a great group of hunters for the week and I am already looking forward to my next trip to Missouri. If you like great home cooked meals and a family atmosphere Tammy will take good care of you.

Jeffery  Daniels

Jeffery Daniels

Fall2018- 2023 - Newland NC

I have hunted with Cody since he was a guide and can tell you he gives his all to each hunter in camp. The best I can attest is the opportunity is there for a Deer of a lifetime, as happened for me 2020. The hunting areas are massive and there are still properties I have not touched. I enjoy meeting new hunters each year and sharing stories, some of us return together each year. The food is delicious , the guides are helpful and eager to get you on deer. If you are tired of the club or leases , work and time it takes to get those properties ready then you will appreciate what Bucks and Beards has to offer. Me and my wife make this an annual trip and look forward to all year. This is a special time and place.

Banks Murphy

Banks Murphy

Fall 2023 - Illinois

I can not express how much I enjoy coming to Northwest Missouri Bucks and Beards Outfitters year in and year out. From the hunting, to the food, and the camp environment. I always look forward to coming back. Cody and the guides are extremely knowledgeable, know their properties like the back of the hands and go above and beyond to try and get you on a deer.

Jacob Raimann

Jacob Raimann

Rut Archery 2022

Love kicking off my fall hunting in Missouri. This year was my 3rd trip to NWMO. I’ve been fortunate to harvest a buck 2 out of 3 years. The only year I didn’t go home with a buck was last year…because I blew my shot on a 174” that was harvested 2 weeks later during rifle season. Cody has done an outstanding job since taking over the business. The rest of the crew is awesome too. Michael, Levi, the rest of the guides…and we certainly can’t leave out Ms Tammy and her home cooking. The long days in the stand aren’t quite as long knowing you’re heading home to a delicious meal prepared by Ms Tammy. Camp is always filled with good people and fellowship. Leaving camp is bittersweet as it seems like you’re leaving behind friends.
I look forward to many more hunts in Missouri with NWMO!
Michelle Pfund

Michelle Pfund

Early Season Archery 2022 - Midland MI

I purchased the hunt for my husband Ed as he hit a monumental birthday. I won't mention which one:) I myself was not fortunate enough to get one of these beautiful Missouri bucks. My husband however was. DJ was a great guide. Cody our host was awesome. Tammy our Cook Extraordinaire's food was terrific. Cody's breakfast was good to. Like others have said it is definitely not just about the kill the whole experience was outstanding. Everything was managed in a truly professional manner. There is so much more I could say about this experience. The best thing I can suggest is for you try this outfitter out and then you would understand why there are so many good reviews. PS. We have booked another hunt already for next year:)

Scott Edwards

Scott Edwards

Fall 2022 - Smithville MS

Northwest Missouri Outfitters is top notch. Cody is doing a great job. Lodging is great and the food is even better. It means a lot when you have repeat customers. The guides truly care if you get a shot at a deer of a life time. I rebooked the day we left for the next season. Can't wait for fall 2023.

Colby Simpson

Colby Simpson

Rifle Hunt - Fall 2021

I have rifle hunted 2 years in a row at Northwest Missouri Outfitters.  These are professional people who work year round to make our hunting experience as great as they can.    From creating food plots to scouting deer movement to providing great lodging and meals the staff works around the clock for us and that is why my group has booked again for the 3rd year in a row.

Colby Simpson

Short Gap WV

Jonah Ketola

Fall archery - New Hampshire

Place is 5star best quality stands food sources for deer and lodging and food is top shelf. Great staff and guides will not be disappointed Hunted opening week sept 15th 2021

Zach Aungst

Zach Aungst

2019/2020 Rut Hunt - Michigan

Have hunted with NWMO for the past 2 seasons and have absolutely fallen in love with the camp, guides, land and the food. I had a successful hunt in 2019 and harvested a nice mature 8 and seen 4 shooters on my 2020 hunt but no dice. This is by far the top premier outfitter in Missouri hands down. The Owners are super genuine and you will for sure feel like money well spent regardless if a tag is filled. This is free range fair chase so nothing is guaranteed but if you hit the weather right you should have a great hunt. The stands are Lone wolf millennium or rivers edge so that enables you to hunt all day and maximize your time in the stand being comfortable. Could go on and on about how much i love this place already looking forward to 2021 season.

Brian Brock

fall 2020 - Vesper WI

I have hunted with Northwest Outfitters the last two years Cody and his team will do everything they can to put you in a position to be successful. I have stayed in both lodges and there both excellent with the food second to none. The cooks do a great job taking care of anything you need. Thanks to everyone at Northwest and cant wait till next year. Brian Brock

Geoff Fontenot

Early Season Archery - Denver Mo

I’ll try to make this short and sweet,but my experience here was unlike any I have ever had.If you want to hunt with hard working,red blooded Americans,this is your place.I archery hunted in the most beautiful spots.Everything was perfect.All comfortable lok in’s,or box blinds.The food is five star.You will not loose weight on this trip.Can’t say enough about my experience.i am 60 years old and have hunted a lot of places,and this ranks at the top.Cody and company are the best.Dave worked his tail off trying to get me a stud.Just wasn’t meant to be for me but they came across for my hunting partner.When you go hunting here,you can honestly say,”It ain’t all about the kill”.What a fantastic time,and wish I was back there right now.Thnks y’all,and will be returning as soon as my boss at home gives me permission.

Jordan Hollingsworth

Jordan Hollingsworth

Early season 2020 - Vinton louisiana

What a great trip we had with these guys. They work hard to manage these properties and it shows. We hunted hard it paid off. Great food, great lodging, great location, and more important great people. We have made lifetime friends and will be back.

Brandon R

Brandon R

Spring 2020 - Kansas City, MO

Turkey hunting has long been a hunt I ve wanted to try. Missouri is known for having MONSTER gobblers. I booked the trip with two close friends. The experience we had was absolutely top notch! I give this outfitter the highest marks, so look no further and book with Northwest Missouri Outfitters. They professionally manage an enormous amount of land, and you absolutely will see ALOT of turkey and deer. It s up to your shooting skills to get one, but you ll have the opportunity with these guys. (I probably saw close to 25 turkey in 2 days). All the guides are personable and down to earth, giving you the attention you deserve to get a trophy! The accommodations were clean and very comfortable, with each room having a bathroom. A huge man-cave is also there. The cooking was absolutely delicious!! They cook breakfast and dinner (with lunch being on you, but we usually had leftovers that the cooks would lay out for us from the previous night). I m sold on this outfitter, and we ll be repeat customers! Thank you, Cody (my guide) for calling in turkey for me! It was an unforgettable experience!!!

Scott McDonald

Scott McDonald

2019 - McDonough, GA

This will be my 9th season hunting at NWMO and I really can't find the words to explain how much I look forward to this trip every year. There's no better outfitter in the midwest in my opinion. When you hunt with Dave and his incredible staff you feel like family. If you're looking for an incredible hunting experience this is your place. See ya every November my friend.

Justin Cope ~ Brianna Schrock

Justin Cope ~ Brianna Schrock

Fall early season hunt 2019 - Westland, MI

Hey Dave, Justin and I just wanted to express what and absolutely wonderful time we had with you and your crew! You run an absolutely outstanding operation and we both feel very fortunate to have stayed with you. There were absolutely no disappointments! From the food, the land setup, to the actual hunt itself we could not have asked for a better outfitter experience. We walked away with yourself and your guides feeling like family to us. For some going on a "paid hunt" is just about a gaurentee to kill a monster buck, but to us (especially me) it was more about the experiences and knowledge you gain while hunting. A kill is never a guarantee but when and if it does happen is an added bonus. Justin came away with a buck and doe all in the same day fulfilling his dream of an out of state buck (the story is worth more than a thousand words). We both feel so grateful to have booked this hunt with you and will definatly be returning next year without question. ~ Brianna

Michael Howard

Spring 19 - Nashville

Northwest Missouri Outfitters is a top notch outfitter. We had a great time. The food was amazing, hospitality was even better. Dave worked very hard to put us on birds each day. I would highly recommend this outfitter.

Heather Koch

Fall 2018

Hey Dave this is Heather Koch. I just wanted to let you know how much fun I had this past week. I was a bit intimidated at first being one of the only women, but I can’t even tell you how welcomed I felt. Even though I didn’t get a deer this time, we will for sure be coming back. You run a great business and I am very thankful that my first out of state hunt was with you guys. The food was excellent, the north lodge was great, and all of the people were so nice. Thanks so much for everything!

Tim Stoker

Tim Stoker

November 10th - Chickamauga. Ga.

This is a awesome Place Bill he asked me what type of wood do I like and I told him and he hook me up I shot a awesome 11-point Bill call him the hook thank you and I'm planning on coming back soon

Dustin Shoemaker

Fall 2017 - Lufkin tx

We went on a late October bowhunt, I cannot say enough about how this operation is staffed. Very accommodating, just all out good people. James was our guide and he was a blast to be around. Dave worked nonstop to try and get everyone in camp the best chance possible at a mature buck. In all honesty the weather was terrible on our hunt. Over 25mph sustained winds definitely slowed down the deer movement and we did not harvest anything. Although our hunt was “unsuccessful” by some people’s standards since we didn’t kill anything, I am going to consider it a success because we found an outfitter that we like and trust to do the best job possible. We plan to go back fall of 2018 and hopefully the weather will work with us this time. Also the food is great!!!!

Heath Morton

Heath Morton

Fall 2017 - Ringgold Georgia

Hey just wanted to take a minute and say what a class act outfitter stayed at one of the out camps and had a excellent time ,the food was wonderful, the house we stayed at was also first class, already booked for same week next year, told the guides what I was looking to harvest and they told everyone in camp that this was a fair chase hunt and that they would work hard to put everyone in camp on a buck of a life time ,on day two of my hunt i was successful in taken a 140s 11 point with double split eye guards ,and that’s what i had said that i wanted to harvest , Thanks Dave, Ryan, Bill, Nathan, for working so hard for the opportunities for every hunter that comes you’ll way to take a buck of a lifetime, my brother in law also went with me on this hunt and was able to see a lot of deer but wasn’t able to take anything back to Georgia because he was trying to kill one just like the natives used to with a traditional bow and missed but that’s why they call it hunting and not killing, the most important thing about a trip like this is the experience of meeting good people along life’s way and that’s what we found at northwest Missouri outfitters that’s why we already have made our deposits for next year and it’s also a plus if you get to take home a trophy buck ,but if not you can enjoy the hunt of a lifetime on these beautiful farms and spend time meeting new people and developing friendships that can last a lifetime look forward to see you guys again in a little bit stay safe and God bless y'all.

Keith Race

Fall 2017 - Saint Joseph Mo.

Had a great time. Outfit is top notch. Tyler Bates was my guide and did a remarkable job, worked his butt off for us.Food was second to none! I would recommend this Hunt to anyone.

Scott McDonald

I just wanted to say thanks for a great time this year. We came and hunted very hard for 5 days in early October and what an experience.

We had opportunity at some shooter bucks and I saw two of the biggest bucks I have ever seen. The accommodations were awesome, the food was incredible and the friendships we made were unforgettable. I highly recommend Northwest Missouri Outfitters to anyone looking for a great hunt and a great time. I will be back next year and for years to come.

Christian Nance

Both Adam and I had a great time through the duration of our stay and were really impressed with the guides, lodging, food, and most of all the deer! You run an outstanding operation! We were very fortunate to see a lot of deer, which is something were not accustomed too. I saw plenty of deer chasing, fighting, and cruising! I saw somewhere over 65 to 70 deer in the stand and that was awesome! Some people say that going on a paid hunt is just about killing a deer, but its more about the experiences you have on the hunt, and the kill is just an added bonus! and thats what you did for us.

Even though only one of us came away from there with one buck, and the other with a monster Doe there were NO Disappointments. Both the Buck and Doe were the two biggest deer we've ever seen or killed. I am very proud of what I killed and this trip will always hold a special place in my heart. Feel free to use me as a reference anytime, and I do plan on coming back!

Through all the hype i forgot to take any pictures with my digital camera and was wondering if you can send me yours through email? if there is an easier way let me know!

Once again I would like to thank you so much for the hunt of a life time and cant wait to come back there in the future!

Bruce Pusateri

I have been bow hunting now for 26 years and I have had the opportunity to hunt some of the most recognized trophy areas in the country and Canada. When possible I prefer to hunt a private property where I can do my scouting and strategizing as it is part of the challenge of harvesting a trophy buck. Though I have been fortunate to hunt many private lands there have been areas that I have wanted to hunt and the only way to do so was to pay for a guided hunt.

This past late season after shooting two mature quality bucks in my home state of Illinois, I didn't want to be done bow hunting so I decided to research areas with over the counter permits that I felt would yield quality animals. I looked into Kentucky, Indiana, Nebraska, South Dakota, Ohio, and Missouri.

After much research and visiting with various outfitters on the phone I made the decision to book my late season hunt with Dave Frampton of Northwest Missouri Outfitters. I was specifically looking to hunt over food sources out of a ground blind and also from tree stands. I told Dave what it was that I would like to try and accomplish while there on my hunt. He shared with me that they have been putting in allot of effort into food plotting, scouting and strategically placing stands for his clients to have success and felt that he could accommodate my requests.

My wife Gail accompanied me and we arrived on Sunday evening January 9th because a huge front carrying allot of snow with it was to start early the next day (Monday) and go through Tuesday and with it brought sub zero temperatures. This was the weather I was hoping for to get the deer up and moving on the food.

The evening when my wife Gail and I arrived, Dave took the time to show me aerial photographs of the properties they owned and leased (over 7,000 acres) and where he felt I would have my best opportunities based on their scouting prior to my arrival. He also had ground blinds set up for me prior to my arrival even though it was not something they had done before to accommodate my request.

Although Dave himself guided me all week it was evident that his guides were interested in how I was doing as well. One of Dave's guides Dan showed up on Monday and spent most of the day to help. Dave has a great group of guides that are dedicated to doing whatever they can to help their clients achieve success. They understand that if their clients leave satisfied that they will not only be back but they will tell others about their experience.

Another one of Dave's guides Kevin came on Friday and went out of his way to hang a stand where I felt one should be. Neither Dan nor Kevin were being paid to come and help as it was the last week of season and they had already finished their guiding and back to work at their full time jobs. It was rare for someone like me to come this late in the season.

I ended up hunting a total of 6 days and actually roughed the cold temperatures for 9 actual hunts. During that time I saw 87 deer and had encounters with what I would consider two trophy bucks. The first one was a beautiful young 8 pointer that would score 135" and I passed on him as I was holding out for something bigger as I have been fortunate to shoot some beautiful bucks and I had seen Dave's trail cam pictures and knew what was in the areas I was hunting. The second buck I would have definitely shot if he presented a shot but he only got within 60 yards of me. It was a legitimate 150" 10 pointer that Dave had pictures of.

During my time there Dave allowed me to be involved in the decisions of my hunt and he did not deceive me at all with regard to their efforts of food plotting. I hunted over, soy bean, corn, alfalfa, clover, and turnip plots and they were all productive. The food and the accommodations at his lodge were excellent as well. The rolling terrain of Northwest Missouri (just 10 miles south of Iowa) is an awesome habitat for producing great whitetails.

This was truly a great experience and I have made great friends with Dave and all of his crew. I will definitely be returning as they are not only working very hard to improve their lands and the quality of animals, they are knowledgeable, know their properties, and they want you to have success.

Randy Allison

Just wanted to drop you a note and let you know that I truly enjoyed meeting you and the crew (especially the cooks). It would have been a great time even if I had not scored. The big buck was just icing on the cake!

I hope to be able to visit again next year and look forward to it.

Tell everyone how much I appreciate them and I hope you and your bunch have a great Thanksgiving.

Kim Edwards

I have been dreaming for years about going on a big hunt excursion in the Midwest and when I choose Northwest Missouri Outfitters, I had no idea what I was in for. From the first conversation we had on the phone you were straight forward and honest with me, and the day I arrived at your camp, you and your crew welcomed me and made me feel right at home. The accommodations were exactly what I had hoped for, and each meal was top notch. I can’t say enough wonderful things about the cooks.

The first day of the hunt I was all set up at the right stand, and with the help of the Man upstairs, and my Son K.J. watching over me from above, I made the perfect shot later that afternoon. I harvested my dream buck, a 189” 18 pointer with my bow. Just the night before, my guide, Nate, had told me to “trust him” when he knew what was out there for me to find. Needless to say, I TRUST HIM!

I can’t say enough wonderful things about you and your crew. I not only had the hunt of a lifetime, but I made life-long friends in you and your crew, and in the other hunters from all over the country that where hunting with me that week.

I highly recommend your outfit and will be a repeat customer in the near future.

You can use me as a reference anytime.

Thanks again, my friend!

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